Fall 2019 Items

Fall 2019 Items

Oct 1st 2019

Hello Customers!

Fall weather is blowing in and our 2020 model truck beds and trailers are starting to move out across the nation. With this busy time of year coming upon us, we’ve got several new parts available as well that we’d like to make you aware of, hopefully these will be valuable to you!

As our 2020 model truck beds now have the upgraded 2.5” Receiver Hitch, we realize there may be some customers who will still need to be able to make use of their 2” Ball Mounts. We now have the below Receiver Hitch Adapter available, which you can order today at $16.70 which includes the receiver adapter and the 5/8" hitch pin.

2400034 – Receiver Adapter Tube - $13.25

2400035 – 5/8” Hitch Pin - $3.45

With winter on its way, we know a lot of trailers will end up parked for the season, or at least end up spending some time in storage. We’ve decided to offer a 7 way front harness holder for keeping your trailer plug out of the snow and avoiding water and ice damage and generally deterring the weathering of the front harness plug altogether. We’re offering this plug right now at $5.75!

65360007 – Front Harness Holder - $5.75

This season is fast approaching, and our 2020 models are quickly selling everywhere, so get yourself ready for the season and the models we're shipping out!